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We have four factories located in Liuyang which can made most range items,liks Multi-cakes Fountainers, Roman Candles, Rockets,Reloadable Shells,......
Blue Sky Factory
Our main factory which located in east of Liuyang, especially for Consumer Cakes, Small and Medium size Rockets and all kind of Assortment,
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Gang Xing Factory
Our Fountains, professional cakes, Big size Rockets factory, it also located in east of Liuyang.
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Xiao He Factory
This is our joint venture factory, especially for Roman Candles and Reloadable Shells.
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San Xin Factory
Our Display shells factory, it made all kind of cylinder shells from 2.5" to 5" and round shells from 2.5" to 12", multi-sjots shell cake from 2" to 4".
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